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Greetings! This blog is related to Omananda’s multimedia book, Transcendental Journeys – A Visionary Quest for Freedom. Watch book-related QR-code hyperlinked videos and read other’s (or leave your) reviews. To invite Omananda to speak at your live event and to attend any of his workshops or training, visit: where you find contact info. The FREE newsletter subscription will inform you of all relevant information (in due time). Press & Media, go here. Thank you. Enjoy …

Omananda’s mystical writings transmit crucial information on the principles that govern our world. His poetic expressions deliver insights on how to transform into more joyful, healthy, authentic and compassionate human beings. We are all born wondering about who we are and what our actual life goals and deeper purposes might be. But in the process of “growing up” many of us are trained to look for the answers on the “outside”, where we can get overwhelmed with so many possibilities and too much information. Overload! Life in the technological age is becoming increasingly complex. Deep within us, however, slumbers the source of all creation! Without that connection to this inner source, it’s nearly impossible to know why, what, or how to truly evolve spiritually. As long as we are learning, we are growing. But when we stop growing, we don’t see any more reason to live, or we live for the wrong reasons! It’s only a matter of time before we free ourselves from the burden of negative beliefs and ultimately dissolve our separated identities (that are imaginary) and naturally merge as One. But how many lifetimes does it have to take to fully awaken? The simple answer to this complex question is much shorter than you might think! So, it’s great you found your way here! There’s much more to discover. You can start by adding yourself to the Free mailing list and we’ll send you ongoing inspirational training materials. Lot’s of love … Omananda

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