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Welcome! On this website, you are invited to look a little deeper into the nature of reality, so you’ll be reminded or even remember the authentic self – for the simple reason to act with a compassionate perspective and cosmic consciousness. Shortly before people die they wished they had more time and traveled more, followed their passion and gut feeling, consciously enjoyed the moment, worked less, spent more time with family, felt happier overall, and had done more for others. If you too might have similar regrets on your deathbed, consider changing while you can, because really, anything is possible!

Omananda has discovered practices that transform and reshape our world and in his book, Transcendental Journeys – A Visionary Quest for Freedom, which is also a world traveler’s testimony that spans over three decades, he is sharing a very personal story on what took him there. Read the reviews

Omananda’s art creations and productions help to resolve doubts that often hold us back. By exploring this blog, podcast, and the videos posted here you can discover plenty of useful information, but when you add yourself to the free newsletter, you will receive updates over time that lead to a positive and loving outlook and a life-transformational journey. Nice to have you with us. Press & Media? Go here.

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